Student Visa – Increase to financial capacity

The applicants for Student visa and Student Guardian visa in most circumstances are required to have sufficient funds to meet all costs associated with study and living in Australia.

The minimum funds required under these visas have had a slight increase that must be taken into account when providing evidence of financial capacity from now on. The new requirements are as below (based on 12 months stay):

  • Living Expense (Primary Applicant) – $21,014 (from $20,290)
  • Living Expense (Partner/ Dependent) – $7,362 (from $7,100)
  • Living Expense (child) – $3,152
  • School Fee (school aged dependent) – $8,296
  • Annual Income of Primary Applicant’s parent, spouse or de facto partner – $62,222 (for primary only) or $72,592 (if secondary applicant as well)

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