Course Change

It is not uncommon for international students to enrol in a course from overseas and change to a different course or even change the provider once they arrive in Australia.

This could be attributed to lack of course knowledge or institute or an incorrect advice from an overseas education agent.

Way2Oz can assist in choosing the right course and institute and assist in the admission process as well.

Before you decide to change your course and/or institute, you must understand certain visa conditions that have been placed on your student visa.

Visa Conditions Requirements

Maintain Enrolment

you must remain enrolled in a registered course

Maintain AQF Level

you must maintain enrolment in a registered course that is at the same AQF level or higher for which your student visa was granted.

Course Gaps

you must not have more than 2 months gaps between your courses.

you can have a gap of more than 2 months only in certain circumstances, like end of academic year study break or at the completion of your studies where you are applying for a new visa.

First 6 months

this is not a visa condition, but a standard from ESOS Act, which sets out that registered educaiton providers must not enrol an overseas student wishing to transfer from another institute prior to student completing 6 months of their principal course.

if you wish to change institute within first 6 months, you must get a release letter from your original institute before you can enrol in the new institute.