Work in Australia

Skilled Independent Visa of Subclass 189

We all look for a better career opportunity and want to go to Australia. It is a popular destination for migrants worldwide, as this place offers a high standard of living and a competitive salary. While it is tough to get a visa in Australia,

the Skilled Independent Visa of Subclass 189 is a great opportunity for living and working in Australia. If you find it difficult to get one, you can hire Way2OZ Migration Services; we have years of experience to serve our clients better. With us, your chance of obtaining a visa increases by manifold. With all that said, let us understand why this visa holds a lot of importance?

The Skilled Independent visa, also known as visa subclass 189, is a visa designed to attract skilled workers from the different part of the world that Australia needs. With this visa you can live, work and study in Australia.

This is a points tested stream where you are awarded points for your age, qualifications, experience and English Language skills.

This is an invitation based visa, where invitations are issued to clients who have the skills that are in demand in Australia.

Invitations are issued once every month.

Visa Benefits Duration

Skilled Independent visas come with many rights and responsibilities. With this visa, you can stay in Australia indefinitely and have equal working rights as common citizens. 

Skilled Independent visas are sort of permanent visa meaning you can stay in Australia as long as you want. The visa’s travel facility expires after five years. However, you can obtain a Resident Return Visa (subclass 155, or 157) to allow you to return to Australia.

Eligibility Conditions Requirements

Points Score

You need to pass the skilled migration points testing

you must score atleast 65 points or more to be eligible to apply for this visa.  

The score on your invitation letter is based on the information in your EOI.


you must be less than 45 years of age to receive an invitation.

if you turn 45 after receiving the invitation, you can still apply for this visa. However, if you turn 45 after submitting an EOI and before an invitation is issued, you won’t be invited.

Occupation in MLTSSL

Make sure your occupation is listed in the relevant Skilled Occupation List

you must have  your nominated occupation on the 189 occupation List (MLTSSL)

Skill Assessment

you must be able to provide a copy of your skill assessment with your application.

skill assessment is conducted by relevant assessing authority based on your industry.

your skill assessment must be less than 3 years old before the invitation date.

Way2Oz Migration can assist in getting your skill assessment done.

English language

You must have Competent English or better

you must either provide an evidence of your English language skills when you apply for this visa or show that you hold a valid passport from UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Republic of Ireland.

Generally the evidence is an English language test result. e.g. IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc. The test results must not be more than 3 years old and you must have scored an overall score of 6.0 with a minimum score of 5.0 in each component in IELTS (or equivalent).

Previous Visa Cancellations & Refusals

you might not be eligible for this visa if you have had  a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia.

Health requirement

you and any family members who apply for this visa with you must meet Australia’s health requirement. The Department of Home Affairs might also ask that other non-migrating family members meet the requirement.

Character requirement

you and any family members who apply for this visa with you must meet Australia’s character requirement. The Department of Home Affairs might also ask that other non-migrating family members meet the requirement.

Visa Fees Charges

Visa cost starts from AUD 4,115. You can include family members in this visa application, but an additional charge applies for each of the members included in the application.

. The current cost for a family member aged over 18 is AUD 2,055, and for those less than  18 is AUD 1,030. Additional charges may apply to applicants aged over 18 who do not have good English skills. This fee is due in two instalments and is only payable if the visa is granted.

Application Process Location

you can apply for this visa either onshore or offshore, but you must not be in immigration clearance at the time of the decision.

The Process:

  • Check if you meet all eligibility criteria
  • Complete Skills Assessment of your nominated occupation
  • Lodge Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Wait for your invitation to apply for a Skilled Visa
  • Apply for your visa and wait for the response
  • Lodge Visa

Application Processing Times

Irrespective of where you belong, each application is evaluated individually, and processing times may vary. The timing of processing depends on how complete the application is and what supporting documents are provided. The number of seats available in the immigration program will affect the processing time for permanent migration visa applications.